American Probability Is… Odd (VIDEO)

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American odds of…

Tripping While Texting:  1 in 10

According to The Ohio State University, more than 1,500 pedestrians were treated for texting related injuries in 2010; and that was before Pokemon Go started making people neglect their kids, fall off cliffs, and crash into cop cars.

Choking To Death:  1 in 3,408

In 2016, a woman in an Albuquerque nightclub choked to death in a corn-dog eating contest.

[The club] held a corn dog eating contest where female contestants got on their knees in front of males who were holding corn dogs near their groin area. The winner of the corn dog eating contest won a prize by eating the corn dog the fastest.

The woman was 56. She was very drunk on gin. And her family sued.

Getting Legally Executed:  1 in 100,000

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Getting Drafted in the NBA: 1 in 6.8 million

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Chances of an American being murdered by a foreign-born terrorist:  1 in 3.6 billion

The annual chance of being murdered by somebody other than a foreign-born terrorist is 252.9 times greater than the chance of dying in a terrorist attack committed by a foreign-born terrorist.

Odds Of Your House Being Destroyed By A Meteorite:  1 in 2 trillion

To summarize, the odds of an American being killed by an immigrant terrorist is somewhere between Stephen Hawking playing in the NBA and the White House being hit by a rock travelling over 30,000 mph.

Here’s a video explaining the Terrorism/Immigration study:

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