According To Researchers, Dogs Are Big Reggae Fans (VIDEO)

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Since the ’60s, reggae music has been one of the most beloved music genres out there. While it originated in Jamaica, bands such as Bedouin Soundclash, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Slightly Stoopid, and Rebelution are still continuing to spread the genre around worldwide.

Researchers from the University of Glasgow and Scottish SPCA have studied how dogs react to certain genres of music by attaching heart monitors to them. It was determined that Fido is a big fan of reggae music.

It was also determined that dogs are also big fans of soft rock, so be sure to bust out those Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Alan Parsons Project, and Barry Manilow albums when you’re driving with your dog next time. The Scottish SPCA will make dogs happy in their kennels by installing sound systems with a reggae and soft rock playlist.

In 2015, it was announced that dogs were fond of classical music such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Ludwig van Beethoven. Things obviously change, but we’re sure those pups can still enjoy “Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major” and “Für Elise” every now and then.

Dogs aren’t the only ones with a specific music taste. In a 2015 study, it was discovered that cats listen to music geared towards their eardrums. Researchers played Gabriel Fauré’s “Elgie” and Bach’s “Air on a G String” to some cats before playing some original compositions (“Cozmo’s Air” and “Spooks Ditty”) from new age musician David Teie, who released an album titled Music For Cats in 2016. The cats had a better reaction towards Teie’s music than musical stylings of Bach and Fauré.

In 2012, it was revealed that parrots love jamming and singing along to classical, rock, and pop music, but they all have a very strong hatred towards all forms of electronic dance music.

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