The U.S. Government Gave President Cheeto The Middle Finger – And It Is GLORIOUS

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Personally, I have to say, watching some of the most important government sectors our country  join a resistance against a seemingly forced future dictatorship gives me the chills. Departments of the government such as the CDC, NOAA, Department of Energy, and pretty much every other sector that promotes scientific discovery for the future of our country, have been gagged by the Trump Administration.

Well, these scientists are not playing around, and almost immediately, alternate, or rogue, accounts for many of the different sections of the government began popping up all over Twitter. What are they there for? They are there to share the research and facts that the Trump Administration is attempting to censor regarding our food, air, environmental, and water safety.

There are so many rogue and alternate accounts popping up its hard to keep track of them but this is a list of the ones being tracked so far.

Stay strong!

Featured image via Twitter.

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