These Beautiful Twins Prove That Skin Color Means Nothing (VIDEO)

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Does race matter?

What is race, for that matter? Is it ethnicity, or place of origin? Is race actually destiny?

A family in Quincy, Illinois knows that race is not determined by skin color, and race is not what defines us.

They know this because they were blessed with beautiful twin girls last April. The little ones are fraternal twins, meaning that they were created when two separate eggs were fertilized and grew together in the mother’s uterus.

The couple, Whitney Meyer and Thomas Dean, were thrilled when the girls were born healthy. They were surprised and even more thrilled when they saw that one twin, Kalani, has her Mom’s fair skin and blue eyes. She looks like what most people would call a white child.

Her sister, by contrast, inherited her Dad’s dark brown skin and eyes and looks like what most would think of as a black child.

The little girls share the same round cheeked beauty and similar little button noses, but their skin is very different.

The chances of a set of twins being born with two different “races” (or skin tones) is about 1 in a million, say geneticists.

Dr. Bryce Mendelsohn is a medical geneticist. He put it this way:

The physical traits you can see in a person are just a very small sliver of the genetic diversity across human populations. A lot of times we only focus on the things our eyes can see, but what we see is a tiny tip of the iceberg of the actual genetic diversity in everyone.”

The twins’ parents put it a little differently. They say that their “miracle girls” are a sign that skin color doesn’t matter.  Says Thomas Dean:

I hope that a lot of people can see that color really isn’t a big thing. What’s important is love. Mysterious things can happen and life is a blessing.”

These little ones really are a blessing. Their parents tragically lost a 2 year old son several years ago in a drowning accident at his day care. They say that Jarani looks just like him.

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