Shia LaBeouf Proudly Stands Against White Supremacist During Rally (VIDEO)

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Shia LaBeouf, performer, activist, and artist, recently created the public movement against the hateful rhetoric spewing from the GOP and our current President, Donald Trump. The project is entitled He Will Not Divide Us and is primarily stationed in New York City.

The main line during protest is that of the projects name:

He Will Not Divide Us

A camera was set up the day of the election outside of the Museum of Moving Image and is live streaming continuously. Supporters are encouraged to visit the area and chant the mantra whenever they see fit. During a recent rally outside of this video, however, things got a little tense between LaBeouf and, what seems to be, a White Supremacist troll.

The video below was uploaded to Twitter and shows the alleged supremacist prancing back forth in front of the camera shouting racist mantra’s into the microphone. LaBeouf follows him around as the group of protesters continue to chant and ends in LaBeouf, forcefully at times, yelling the projects main line into the troll’s face until he leaves.

LaBeouf has been criticized for his, what is perceived to be, strange actions and artistic interpretations over the years but this project suits him, and anyone who is ready to stand against the tyranny, perfectly.

Stay strong Shia LaBeouf!

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