We Lost A TV Icon This Week – Mary Tyler Moore

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A television pioneer passed yesterday. Mary Tyler Moore died at the age of 80. Not only did she have her own TV show in the 1970s, but she was on other shows as well. Before she was on her own show, she starred alongside Dick van Dyke in the Dick Van Dyke Show in the 1960s.

She famously made waves because the studio let her wear pants in an episode of the Dick van Dyke Show. She paved the way for female characters on television.

As the Freethought blogs mentioned, she was one of the first people to talk about taking birth control in a television sitcom:

“She fought for little things that were truly big – like one episode of the Mary Tyler Moore show having Mary looking for, and referring to her birth control pills. That might seem like a tiny insignificant thing, but it wasn’t. Back in the day, that was one hell of a daring move, making it a fact that the lovely, very single Mary was sexually active.”

RIP Mary.

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