A Female Pizza Driver Gets Creepy Texts From A Customer (VIDEO)

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The lovesick can be a tenacious breed. One Papa John’s employee found this out the hard way.

Known on Imgur by the handle tabithaatutt6, this pizza delivery driver started receiving very forward texts from a customer. According to the unnamed man, he received a pizza from this driver last Sunday. After pizza and money changed hands, the man supposedly took a rather candid shot of the woman’s exterior. Rather than turn around and give the guy a little piece of her mind, the driver simply drove away.

The following day, the creepy customer began texting the young lady on her personal number. The first series of texts tried to strike a flirtatious posture. The man called her “cute” and asked if she could deliver his next pizza.

According to the Daily Mirror, the whole fiasco began when noticing that the customer was not in his house or apartment, the girl used her cell phone to contact the man’s listed number, which also happened to be his personal cell phone. Now armed with this information, the unnamed man began contacting the girl, frequently calling her “babe” or marveling at her bravery in delivering a pizza during a tornado warning.

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The whole exchange reached its gross denouement when the man threatened to call Papa John’s on the delivery driver for using inappropriate language. All he required was for the object of his affection to send some “pics.” The delivery driver responded back via text with a online definition of  the word “Blackmail.”

So far, Papa John’s has not responded to this episode. For her part, the delivery driver claims that was not the first time that she had been harassed by customers.


Featured image via Public Domain.

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