Tourist Slapped By Monkey For Taking A Selfie (VIDEO)

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Touring different parts of the world can be exciting. One of the most common things for tourists to do are to take selfies and share them with their family and friends. One would think, no harm, no foul.

However, a tourist wound up with a hand to the face delivered by an orangutan.

A crowd of tourists jumped on a boat to take a guided tour through Indonesia. While taking a tour through the jungle, an orangutan climbed in their boat to join the party and even took their snacks. One of the tourists was fascinated by this experience and pulled out his camera to take a selfie. For some reason, the orangutan was not happy about a photo being taken and slapped the selfie-taker in the face.

One of the group members posted a caption under the uploaded video which read:

2nd day in the Borneo Jungle we came across a wild orangutan hanging over the river on our way to Camp Leakey, who joined us in the boat and slapped Hahn across the face!

Hahn was not too upset about it and even laughed about the incident by saying:

He just slapped me, like, right on the nose!

Orangutans have 97 percent of the same DNA as humans, and are the only kind of apes that are from Asia. They have incredible abilities to survive in the forest and build their homes in the trees. They are known for using branches and leaves to build their tree nests each night.

Since they are well acquainted with the arboreal lifestyle, they do not need to come down from the trees that much. Orangutans are considered to be the brightest of their species. For example, when water becomes scarce, they “chew on leaves to make a sponge to soak up water in tree cavities.”

Most of the orangutan’s diet consists of fruit. They also consume bark, honey, insects, and young leaves.

Featured image via Audio Mass Media Reviews.

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