Ted Cruz Delivers Soup-Fueled Snark After Diss Tweet (TWEET)

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) ran for president alongside now President Donald Trump. He lost the nomination to Trumplethinskin. I don’t like him, but he would probably be better than Trump.

He actually showed a bit of a sense of humor in a comeback this week. He once referred to a basketball hoop as a basketball ring.

Now, Cruz has started a weekly basketball game with some of his fellow Senators. Deadspin put out a tweet asking for pictures of Cruz playing basketball, and Cruz tweeted this:

That is not actually Cruz, that is Duke senior, Grayson Allen.

Deadspin responded by telling him to go eat sh*t. Cruz replied with this classic gif from the movieĀ Anchorman.

Cruz wins the internet with this one.

Featured image via Twitter.

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