‘Number Two’ Implants Could Be A New Autism Medical Breakthrough (VIDEO)

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The thought of a ‘poop’ transplant might well give the average person the creeps. Yet Fecal Transplantation is a medical breakthrough within the last decade that seems to be proving to be more of a success everyday.

Yes it is as strange as it sounds, they take someone with healthy ‘poop’ and put it in your colon. The perhaps embarrassing medical process has been described as a much stronger alternative to taking probiotics orally.

Someone with ‘healthy’ gut bacteria donates their poo, which is then tested and added to saline. The poop is then sprayed into the patient’s colon via a colonoscopy. At first this wonder therapy was used to treat digestive bacterial problems. However, since the successful methods discovery, it is now being seen as a potential cure for many conditions, including diabetes, metabolic issues such as obesity, and now even Autism.

New Atlas reports that some children with digestive issues and Autism were treated with fecal transplantation from non-Autistic donors. In addition to helping to grow their ‘good’ gut bacteria, the study also found their behavior also changed:

This was backed up by observations from the children’s doctors, who noted that their psychological autism symptoms had decreased 22 percent by the end of the treatment, and by 24 percent eight weeks later.

Previous research has suggested that gut flora has an effect on how the brain works, and that certainly seems like it could be the case here.

The way studies are continuing to find success in so many areas will only mean increased research and use of the process. This report in Biome claims that poop therapy may also help sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

While science is still trying to work out the why and how, it seems Fecal Transplantation’s will continue to be used and studied.

This new treatment may very well be a new and monumental breakthrough in helping to treat the symptoms of life altering diseases.

Watch the process explained here:


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