I Can’t Believe They Are Changing The Name To That (VIDEO)

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In a strange marketing move famous butter-alternative spread “I can’t believe it’s not butter” is changing it’s name to one that is…  well quite difficult to remember. Unilever owns the brand and it was announced last week that it will now be known as “I can’t Believe It’s So Good… For Everything” yep they made it even longer!

Here is the new packaging:

I cant believe it’s so good… for everything

The reason for the change? Well The Sun reports that the change of name is so that people know the spread can be used for absolutely everything including “spreading, frying, baking, cooking…”

Unilever explained it like this:

Our brand evolution to take on a new name helps to drive home the fact that this product is unbelievably versatile and a healthier option, making it a great value offering.

We expect this change to resonate well with our existing customers whilst attracting new ones.

Diet, much like baby advice, seems to change so often it is very hard to keep up with. Many nutrition experts and doctors were once quite concerned about cholesterol found in animal fats. However, the recent low-carb trend has seen a move away from sugars and a different attitude towards fat. For some people real butter is back on the OK list.

As for the name change, the company seems happy with their new long-winded one and an advertising campaign is sure to follow. At the same time they must have spent an awful lot of money to change both the name and packaging of their vegetable spread. A lot is riding on this new mouthful which has only changed to promote it’s versatility. The recipe stays the same.

The famous product first hit the scene in 1986 and really marketed itself on the fact it contained no cholesterol unlike butter. The old name suggested that it magically shared the same delicious taste as butter. An early (and cheesy) advertising campaign for the spread featured romance novel model Fabio.

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