Could Bird Frenzy Be Linked To Recent Tornado? (VIDEO)

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Youtube video has been uploaded showing a frenzy of birds over a busy highway. The clip was recorded on the 19th January in Houston, Texas. The narrator explains the scene – tens of thousands of birds screeching and flying erratically over a busy highway. He then points to a group of birds sitting on the road next to the cars rushing by and makes the comment that they seem to feel more comfortable sitting there than up in the sky. He then says:

Something spooked these creatures.

These creatures were sensing something.

The narrator then puts forward a theory as to why he thinks this massive number of birds were so disoriented and disturbed. In pointing to a weather map of the country, he shows how evidence of serious weather events appear. Two days later on the 21st January a series of 34 tornados struck, including a deadly one in Hattiesburg Mississippi.

The theory is that these birds, and probably lots of other creatures, sensed something was coming. Perhaps the birds knew a tornado disaster was coming and, in scrambling to get away, descended upon the highway, in some cases even flying into moving cars in the panic.

The tornados swept across southern states devastating many homes and taking several lives. David Alexander was interviewed on the Weather Channel describing the harrowing event. He speaks of the huge noise and attempts to save lives.

Tornados are highly unpredictable and it is extremely hard to guess which direction they will take. Yet in hindsight it does seem possible that the bird frenzy in Texas two days earlier could have been a warning sign.

As much as humankind has impacted on this world greatly, there are many weather forces that flex their muscle and show us who really has the power – Mother Nature. This latest event shows that we are very much at her mercy.

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Watch a report on the Hattiesburg tornado here:

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