Cards Against Humanity Tries To Recruit Obama (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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Former president Barack Obama has a job offer waiting for him when he gets back from vacation. While he’s qualified to do just about anything, it’s doubtful there’s someone else with the same skills that are required on this Craigslist ad.

Cards Against Humanity is known for its snarky sense of humor. It’s a game that involves drawing cards and putting them together to form funny sentences.

They’re apparently in the market for a new Chief Executive Officer. Per a Craigslist ad placed in Chicago, Illinois they’re looking for one who has a:

Minimum eight years experience President of the United States of America or equivalent nation.

While Obama certainly isn’t the only one to serve two consecutive terms, there are other specifications such as:

Passed comprehensive healthcare reform.

That’s definitely Obama, who passed the Affordable Care Act that gave healthcare to millions of Americans. Just in case anyone’s still on the fence about the intended recipient of this job posting, though, they also want someone who has a ‘steady disposition.’

That’s some serious shade being thrown at President Donald Trump, who has had a few emotional outbursts. Unlike Obama, who actually encourages people to respect each other.

Trump gained supporters by claiming Obama wasn’t a natural born citizen, meaning he couldn’t legally be president. Since it’s long been proven that Obama was born here, he’ll meet the requirement of:

Natural born citizen of the United States.

Once again, more shade being thrown at Trump.

A closer look at their impeccable sense of humor.

Spotify has also offered a job for Obama as President of Playlists. While it’s doubtful he’ll take either one, especially now that he’ll be busy with the Obama Foundation, it’s nice to see that he has options.

To see the full ad, click here.

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