Unions To The Rescue: Flint Families Finally Getting Some Help (VIDEO)

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The families of Flint, Michigan have been drinking and bathing in poisoned water for nearly three years now. These families, predominantly black and all poor, were sacrificed by local and state government for the sake of saving money.

Children have suffered lead poisoning, resulting in learning disabilities and possible intellectual disabilities. Families have suffered skin diseases, headaches, intestinal illnesses.

General Motors noticed the contamination in the water and stopped using it for fear of corroding their machines.

The families of Flint have been begging for help for nearly three years. While Governor Rick Snyder(R-Mi) and President Obama did finally declare States of Emergency in the city, little was done to help the suffering people of the city.

Water filters were distributed, funded in part by the federal government. But many of the houses, schools and daycare centers were so old that their faucets could not fit the filters provided.

Time went on with nothing being done.

Enter theĀ United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry, more commonly called the United Association. The members of union decided that enough was enough and that it was time to take action to bring clean, safe water back to the city of Flint.

They approached the group Plumbing Manufacturers International, who agreed to donate new faucets.

Last weekend, 300 UA Plumbers from all around the country went to Flint. There they installed, at no cost to anyone, new faucets where they were needed. Then they put in the filters that will give the people of Flint clean water at last.

They knew that if anything was going to be accomplished, it would have to be done by the people themselves. No more waiting around for government help.

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