Man Celebrates Baby Announcement With Exploding Target, Could Face One Year In Jail (VIDEO)

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As an adult, there’s nothing more exciting than finding out that you’re bringing a new baby into the family. Whether it’s your first or fifth one, it’s always a time to celebrate with your loved ones.

While you dance around with joy, the biggest thing to do is break the news to everyone. This is always one of the most creative things to do; some of these tactics have included dressing up as an oven on Halloween, emailing your pregnancy test to your closest friends, or giving a clever coupon to your significant other with the due date. One Nebraska resident decided to come up with a new way of sharing the news, and it nearly got them in severe trouble with the law.

26 year old Jon Sterkel was excited to share the gender of his first baby, which is due on June 16, and he came up with a plan to get the word out. On Saturday, he pulled out his trusty rifle to shoot an exploding target that released some blue smoke. The situation was recorded for a Facebook video, which ended with Jon declaring that he was having a boy with his wife Ashley.

This incident didn’t sit well with the Scotts Bluff County Sheriff’s Office, which led to various residents sending calls of a possible explosion. The police department gave Jon a ticket for detonating an explosive without a permit. Since this is a misdemeanor, the expecting father could pay a $1,000 fine and serve up to a year in jail, which would be a tragic thing during his son’s first year. As of this writing, no trial date has been set.

He has since delivered an apology on Facebook. For the announcements of any future children, he’ll probably just stick to a simple “We’re expecting” post on the internet.

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