UK Burglars Stop Heist Because Of A 6ft-Tall Mannequin (VIDEO)

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Sometimes safety and security comes from strange places. We’ve all invariably seen those “Beware of Dog” signs. Often, there isn’t a single dog for miles.

However, the point is that those “Beware of Dog” signs deter people because of the idea that a vicious attack dog might be on the premises. It’s the same as the tower at the center of the Panopticon—even if no one is inside of the control room, prisoners can’t be sure if they’re being watched or not.

Over in England, one shop owner was saved from a large heist thanks to a statuesque…statue. The six-foot-tall mannequin has been called “sexy” by many internet fans. For his part, store owner and caricaturist Derrick Thompson has described the mannequin as his “girlfriend.”

At around 10:30 a.m. on January 8th, a pair of robbers broke into Thompson’s store and absconded with £1,000-worth of stock items. Shela Louise, the mannequin that Thompson keeps seated on a couch in the middle of the store, apparently spooked the criminals enough that they made a hasty retreat.

Unfortunately for other citizens of Sussex, the same burglars committed another break-in the very next night. The local police are still looking for leads, and can be contacted at [email protected].


Featured image via Bright Cove.

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