These Presidential Portrait Makeovers Are AMAZING (IMAGES)

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The official photo of President Donald J. Trump has been confiscated by Reddit users and they are photo shopping the hell out of it, in the most HILARIOUS way of course.

A Photoshop battle has commenced on Reddit and the outcome is probably some of the best inaugural photos we have seen so far. In fact, most of these photo-shops almost improve the grim picture. This is the original:


Image via Reddit.

Vladimir Trump

Donald Pump

This user swapped Trump’s face with that of the Russian President, and Trump bestie, Vladimir Putin.


The Cyborg

Image via Imgur.

Seems legit to me…


A Piece Of Produce


I wonder if he it’s rotten on the inside?


The Great Pumpkin

Image via Imgur.

This is actually kind of terrifying.


Who Ya Gonna Call?

Image via Imgur.

The resemblance is uncanny…


Give Us A Kiss

Photo via Imgur

This…is kind of gross.


Featured image via Reddit.

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