A South African Pastor Heals A Woman’s Warts With His ‘Holy Shoe’ (VIDEO)

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In troubled times, people often turn to quacks. Promising quick remedies for serious ailments, these professional hucksters usually come in two varieties: the brilliant seducer who appears legitimate, and the the obvious crank. South African pastor Zendile Andries falls into the latter category.

According to statistics collected in 2015, some 7 million people in South Africa are currently living with HIV. That’s roughly 19.2-percent of the adult population. Each new year brings 380,000 new infections and 180,000 deaths.

The holy roller Andries claims that he can cure this terrible disease. A leader with Victorious Faith Ministries, Andries has frequently filmed himself “curing” those afflicted with HIV through the power of prayer. Like American televangelists, Andries likes to put his hands on the sick and cure them on the spot.

Recently, Andries made international news for a different type of healing. Rather than HIV, the health problem in question was genital warts. With the rest of the congregation in Bloemfontein looking on, a woman claiming to have genital warts placed one of Andries’ shoes between her thighs.

Following a quick trip to the bathroom, the woman’s friend told those in attendance that the warts were gone. Hallelujah! Praise the holy shoe.

Besides curing sexually transmitted diseases, Pastor Andries also claims to be an experienced exorcist. Apparently, Zendile Andries is a man for all seasons.

Featured image via Christian Today.

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