T. Rex Engagement Photos Prove That Love Is Not Extinct

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The engagement photo is a timeless image which portrays the love and affection that a couple has for one another usually with a slick backdrop to truly seal the moment before they are married. However, as a pair of love struck dinosaurs has proven, these images can also be a unique way to express one’s creativity.


Image via Greg Basel and Maria Adams Photography


The Jurassic duo were photographed in Mirabeau Park in Spokane Washington with the assistance of photographers, and real life couple, Greg Basel and Maria Adams behind the lens.


Image via Greg Basel and Maria Adams Photography



The photos that they took are very romantic, and capture the very essence of love and togetherness. However, in a plot twist, the T. Rexes are not an item in real life, and were portrayed by Maria’s cousin Stephanie and her friend Marian who donned the life like costumes in a just-for fun photo shoot.

However, this is only the beginning with Greg revealing to the Huffington Post that this is one of four T. Rex photo shoots that he has planned with the sequel seeing the love struck dinos returning as a bride and groom.


Image via Greg Basel and Maria Adams Photography


We look forward to seeing the sequel, and seeing what new background Greg and Maria will use in the upcoming photo shoot.

Featured image via Greg Basel and Maria Adams Photography.


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