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Left Out Group Of People Finally Getting An Emoji (VIDEO)

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It seems as if most people have an emoji to represent them. The diversity of the digital symbols appear to include a broad range skin color, gender, weight, mood, glasses, hats, blowing kisses, drinking beers, etc. They seem to cover a lot of options. However one group (and maybe many others) have been left out and that is finally being addressed.

I am talking about red heads.

This has been a long road and we are not quite there yet. There is a redhead movement and Coppercap is a famous Youtube activist and redhead equality campaigner. In speaking with The Sun Coppercap said:

Everybody deserves an emoji, and I’m BEYOND HAPPY that the tech companies have FINALLY made the right decision, by providing us with ginger emojis. This will do great things for young red-headed kids who may be getting bullied for the colour of their hair, because it will make it more normal for people to come across redheads now, like … in their phones. Anti-redhead sentiment is ABSOLUTELY a form of racism! Our skin pigmentation is completely different, we obviously have a definite hair colour, and we have setbacks because of our genetics such as being sunburnt more easily.

A Scottish group have created a petition with over 20000 signatures to urge Apple to create a ginger emoji. However it is another company Unicode who make emojis and who have outlined, that red haired people are finally on the cards.

Ever heard of the term ‘gingerism’? Neither had I, but according to Jeremy Burge of Emojipedia:

The lack of a redhead emoji has been the most frequent complaint from Emojipedia users in the past three months.

Red haired people make up only one to two percent of the world population, but obviously they as a group feel left out of the emoji world and some feel discriminated against by this previous omittance. While Coppercap and many others are celebrating the decision, the reality of seeing a ginger or red-haired emoji is still years off.


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