5 Real Life Hacks You Can Do With Stretched Ear Lobes

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The world was an interesting place in 2008. The economy was in the midst of the biggest collapse in recent history, the 29th Summer Olympic Games took place in Beijing, China, and body modification exploded in popularity.

Too many young people’s pierced ears were a sign of rebellion and free spirit. But, are you one someone that laments at the stretched out bags of skin that serve as visual mementos to this turbulent past?

Fear not, the folks at Hard Style have you covered, and have compiled 5 unusual ways to make good use of your stretched lobes.


1. Professional Dog Walker


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Ok we’ll admit, this one may seem painful at first glance. But, imagine how much extra money you can make just by tying a few extra leashes to your earlobes.

More leashes means more dogs, and in turn more money that can buff up your bank account over time.

However, make sure to watch out for rogue bones or steaks, which can result in your furry posse unintentionally stretching your lobes out even more.


2. Novel Suspenders


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Can ear lobes and a trusty pair of suspenders truly co-exist? They certainly can if you use your stretched lobes as replacement belts.

This nifty idea could help you start a fashion trend, show your inner country side, or just raise the bar on overall freakishness even further!!!


3. Portable Hula Hoops


Image via Pixabay


Here’s a fun way to shake off the negative stigma commonly associated with stretched ears.

Nothing brings more goodwill and free publicity than letting a young child use your massive ear lobes to hula hoop. You will be a sure fire hit at parties, or be the welcome center of attention at any public park.


4. Organizing Computer Wires


Image via Pixabay


Every home office in the United States is plagued by masses of computer wires that get tangled, and as a result create unintentional tripping hazards.

You can play a role in ending this dilemma by running the wires through your massive lobes of regret. This not only helps make things safer, but can also be the hidden gem in your job resume that pleases skeptical employers.


5. Hot Dog Holders


Image via Pixabay


Imagine yourself at a 4th of July party, and your guests want their fill of grilled hot dogs, and all the condiments associated with them.

You could certainly hold alot of hot dogs in your massive earlobes, and being a walking meat dispenser is a great way to please the ladies. As a bonus, you will be the life of the party, and you could even make it into a convenient side business which will further help your financial goals.

Featured image via Pixabay.