Urkel Is Stoked: Watch Made Of Cheese On Sale For Over A Million Dollars (VIDEO)

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According to Merriam-Webster, cheese is defined as a food consisting of the coagulated, compressed, and usually ripened curd of milk separated from the whey. There are over 1,750 different types of cheese available in this world, including aged British cheddar, natural smoked gouda, queso de mano, and West Country Farmhouse mature cheddar cheese.

Cheese is also a key factor in countless meals, including goat cheese logs, spiced yogurt cheese balls, and cheese grits and corn pudding. It’s the reason why Steve Urkel couldn’t get his head out of the Winslows refrigerator, and it’s so simple that you can eat it straight out of the bag. One company decided to take their love for cheese to the next level.

Earlier this month, the Swiss Made label changed its plans on watchmaking to make sure future watches are created with 60% of its components coming from Switzerland. Many people have shown their disapproval of this new law, including H. Moser & Cie. The watch company from Schaffhausen removed the Swiss Made label from their upcoming watches to make their voices heard.

They also decided to have some fun when they revealed their Swiss Mad Watch, which is made from 100% Swiss materials. For the case of the watch, they used Swiss cheese covered by Vacherin Mont d’Or as a composite material. Swiss cowhide was used for the straps.

Image via H. Moser and Co.

Recently, the company presented this unique watch at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie inside Switzerland’s Palexpo Exhibition and Congress Centre. While people were impressed with the overall design, they’re weren’t happy with the price tag, which was set at a whopping £1,081,291 dollars.

The price is a neat reference to the signing of the Swiss Federal Charter, which took place on August 1st, 1291. 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the watch will go towards aiding the struggling independent Swiss watchmaking suppliers.

Featured image via Wikipedia.

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