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Ducks Rise Up Against Sexual Assault (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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After less than half of Americans showed they either support or don’t care about sexual assault, a unity among women emerged. They organized the Women’s March and now don something called a Pussyhat, which is part of the Pussyhat Project.

As a group of ducks have shown us in Boston, Massachusetts, humans aren’t the only ones to wear this clever headwear.

Nestled inside of the Public Garden, visitors get to walk alongside the Make Way for Ducklings statues. It consists of a mother and her little ducklings trailing behind. A few days ago, the entire family were sporting the iconic pussy hat.

While it’s unclear as to who put the hats on top of the statues, it certainly is a site to see.

The project started after President Donald Trump’s infamous ‘grab ’em by the pussy’ tape was released. Contrary to popular belief, grabbing someone’s genitals without their consent is not locker room talk. It’s straight up sexual assault.

As thousands of women across America send a loud signal to our new president during the Women’s March, during which many have been spotted wearing these hats, it sure would be nice to see other statues showing their support.

This cat will do for now.

Not to be upstaged by ducks or cats, this man even got in on the action.

As is to be expected, many people are outraged at this movement. They can’t seem to understand why so many of us refuse to accept Trump as president.

Until the rest of America wakes up, self-respecting women, cats, men, and even ducks will continue to fight and wear these pussyhats.

If you’re crafty, watch this video and learn how to make your own pussyhat.

Feature Image: Screenshot Via Twitter

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