Your Middle School Trapper-Keeper Is About To Be A Movie

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If you were a student in the 1990s or early 2000s, you may have had binders, notebooks, or other school supplies with Lisa Frank on them. The bright, rainbow-colored merchandise was very popular.

The movie will be a live-action and animation hybrid. Frank said this about it:

“We have so much backstory on our characters and they have been alive in my imagination since the beginning.”

None of the plot details has been released, but we know it will be colorful. There will be a lot of brightly colored animals, that’s for sure.

Indie producer Jon Shestack says:

“Lisa Frank’s world is cheerful, it’s optimistic, it’s hip, but it is without snark. It’s just sort of impossible to scowl when you’re smiling, and why would you want to?”

Lisa Frank was founded in 1979. She was very girly while growing up:

“My dad was an art collector, my mom had a little kiln in our basement and we would make pottery. I think from about age five on, they sent me to art classes, and I was a huge colorer. HUGE. I think to keep me quiet, they would bring the coloring books and crayons, and I would fill up the books.”

“I was totally a girly girl. I was not a jock. When I was 12, my parents got me a loom, so I was a weaver. I loved to read, I loved to do artwork, I loved to do anything girly.”

The movie may be bad, but I’ll probably still watch.

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