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El Chapo Claims Sexual Harassment In Prison (VIDEO)

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Mexican drug lord, El Chapo, has complained of being sexually harassed by prison guards in jail. The lawyer for the convicted criminal has said one particular guard “squeezes and bothers” El Chapo in the night. His real name is Joaquin Guzman and he is currently being held in the maximum security Mexican prison, Ciudad Juarez, south of El Paso, in Texas near the border.

His lawyer also claims Guzman feels “embarrassed” by the way the guard is “handling” him. The guard has not been named and is also said to be currently on vacation. El Chapo is a dangerous character in that he has escaped prison in the past.

El Chapo was the head of the Sinaloa drug cartel and was arrested not long after a secret meeting with actor Sean Penn in January 2016. The interview Penn conducted appeared in Rolling Stone magazine. The New York Times reported his last dramatic arrest.  Of the Penn interview, The New York Times said:

But it had come at a cost. The authorities had swept through 18 of his homes and properties in his native lands. Days on end in the inhospitable mountains, where even a billionaire like Mr. Guzmán was forced to rough it, left him yearning for a bit of comfort.

They also said that eventually it was a big food order that led to his arrest. The Mexican Marines moved in on him as they had been following his trail for six months.

Mexico has agreed to extradite the drug lord to the United States, but this has since been put on hold. El Chapo has escaped prison previously via sewerage tunnels. Over the past year, there have also been rumors that he had escaped again. These rumors were quashed by a politician who tweeted a picture of El Chapo still in prison. This latest complaint also proves he is still safely in jail.


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