This Female Convict Is So Scary She Is Being Jailed With Men (VIDEO)

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It was five years ago, that Estibaliz Carranza (of dual Spanish-Mexican citizenship) was found guilty of murdering both her ex-husband and her ex-boyfriend. In a shocking crime, Carranza not only killed them, she then cut them up with a chainsaw and hid their bodies beneath an ice-cream shop in Vienna, Austria.

This is how the ‘Ice cream killer’ got her nickname.

In a strange move, 38 year old Carranza will be the first female prisoner in a men’s prison facility in the north of Austria. This prison currently holds 91 men. More female prisoners are said to follow.

The first murder she committed was that of her ex-husband Holga Holz followed by her ex-lover Manfred Hinterberger. The motivation for the murders?

It is reported that she killed them because they failed to impregnate her and because she accused Hinterberger of being unfaithful. Carranza shot them both in the head several times and then dismembered them. The hidden bodies were discovered by plumbers in 2011. She killed Holz in 2008. Then, Hinterberg was murdered two years later in 2010.

Even more strange is that after these murders Carranza met someone else and was expecting a child at the time of her arrest in 2011. The new couple have since been married while she has been in jail.

Carranza is being moved because she is considered less of a risk than before. Female murderers are a rarity, with women making up only a small percentage of all murderers. This report estimates 11 percent of all murders were committed by a female.

It also claims that with multiple murders (such as in this case) the percentage is even smaller. Women are often seen by society as being less violent and more ‘nurturing’ than men. It is yet to be seen how Carranza will fit in when joining her new male prison mates.

She has also written a book called My Two Lives: The True Story of the Ice Lady.

Watch this report about her initial arrest:

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