Promoting Ocean Conservation With The Wave Of A Tail (TWEETS)

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There is an entire community of people who have their day jobs and live as mermaids. They live near the ocean and wear silicone tails.

Caitlyn Nielson, who goes by the name Mermaid Cyanea, left her job in 2015 to focus on living as a mermaid. She has a Biology degree, so she can use that knowledge to make her persona more realistic. She uses her new persona to help advocate for ocean conservation issues.

She said:

“When I was in kindergarten and the teacher asked everyone to go around and say what they wanted to be when they grew up, I said ‘a mermaid.'”

“Everyone laughed at me and now here I am – I’m a mermaid. I’m literally a real life mermaid.”

“What inspired me to be a mermaid is hard to say. It’s actually the fact that I’ve always felt I was a mermaid.”

They spend most of their time swimming in lakes and pools. Many of them feel as if their tail is another limb and they call themselves “mer-persons.”

Featured image via Twitter.