Pixar Releases Video To Reveal All The Film Worlds Are Linked (VIDEO)

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The Toy Story Facebook account has posted a video clip that has proven what many fans have suspected for years. Characters in Pixar films make guest appearances in other Pixar films, showing they are all the one great big fantastic universe.  That’s right from Inside Out to Finding Nemo, the characters seem to make cameos in other films.

The conspiracy-affirming video posted online begins with a scene from Finding Dory where surprise surprise, the main character Riley, from Inside Out is standing at the aquarium looking into a tank. We are then taken on a journey showing how all of the films are somehow connected. Brave, Cars, Finding Dory, Up, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Wall E, Toy Story, The Good Dinosaur, A Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc. – they all appear in the clip to show the moments that connect characters from other Pixar adventures. In the case of linking Brave to Monster’s Inc. (a seemingly tricky connection) the character of Sulley appears as a drawing in a cave painting in Brave.

If the internet has shown us anything it is that many people have a lot of time on their hands. They seem to use this time to analyze and put forward theories about just about everything. Pixar has been scrutinized over and over again. A month ago the ‘theorizer’ posted a conspiracy video on Youtube where he recognized many connections between the Pixar films. He noticed Ellie from Up appears in a frame in Riley’s (from Inside Out) house, perhaps making her a relative. Well he can feel vindicated today. Pixar has confirmed this ongoing theory.

Pixar has new films coming out this year that will undoubtedly contain these Easter Eggs. Now this secret has been confirmed, There is no doubt that there will be children scouring the screen for the next sneaky connection. It has has set a challenge for the audience to find more connections. It has opened a world of possibilities for discovering new secrets within.

Watching Pixar will now be like reading the Where’s Wally books, only children will have their fingers tightly on the freeze frame button.


Watch the fan’s theory who got it right here:

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