95 Of These Beautiful Animals Fell Victim To The Everglades (VIDEO)

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A total of 95 False Killer Whales, a type of dolphin that has been known to grow up to 20 feet long, were found stranded in South Florida’s Everglades National Park.

The dolphins became stuck in the Hog Key area of the glades and unfortunately there wasn’t much they could do for them. So far 81 dolphins have been reported dead, one was seen alive swimming out of the area, and 13 or 14 are still unaccounted for. Out of the 81 dead, 72 died on their own and the others had to be humanly euthanized. Dr. Erin Fourges from the NOAA Fisheries stated:

“There was unfortunately not much that we could do for them. They were high and dry on very wide mud flats and trapped in mangroves. So it was a very unfortunate situation.┬áIt’s in a very very challenging location. It’s very remote in the far western Everglades. About an hour to an hour and a half by boat to get there.”

This has been reported as the largest stranding of this species ever in the United States and only the third stranding ever in the area. Residents are asked that if they find an injured or stranded animal to please call for help immediately. Do not try to free the animal yourself as a safety precaution for you and the animal.

Featured image via The Oceans Treasure Memorial Library.

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