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This Cancer Survivor Is Instagramming Her Amputated Foot, And It’s Hilarious

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Kristi Loyall kicked cancer’s ass, no bones about it. Well, maybe some bones — after her foot was amputated in April 2016 due to a cancerous lump, this Instagrammer had the clever (and more than a little horrifying) idea of taking her amputated appendage home with her.

Ever since, the limb has been going on countless adventures, enjoying experiences that few free agent metatarsals can brag about.

Like exploring a scenic lighthouse.

Getting beach ready.

And jamming out with a budding air guitarist.

According to Loyall, convincing her doctors to let her take the amputated limb home was no easy feat.

“The doctor thought I was joking but I was serious and was like ‘No, I really do want it back.’”

Loyall was able to have her foot sent home with her about a month after the surgery, flesh and all. Since a rotting, necrotic appendage makes for a poor Kodak moment, Loyall sent it off to a company called Skulls Unlimited to have the bones de-fleshed, bleached, and strung together.

Four months and $650 later, Loyall was reunited with her foot and started the @onefootwander Instagram account to capture its adventures.

“I just started taking it to places and putting in it funny positions so I could make a joke about. It makes me feel better to be able to look on the funny side of things and make other people laugh as well.”

@onefootwander has even had the prestigious honor of being named Best Instagram Account by a water taxi company. Yes, you read that right — a water taxi company. When we’re talking about taking photos of a baby playing skeletal air guitar, why the hell not?

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