From Trump To ‘The Bachelor’, Jimmy Kimmel’s Censorship Clip Is HILARIOUS (VIDEO)

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With the government, the media, and just about every social media outlet censoring even the most obscure things, this nation can easily get the wrong idea. Well, Jimmy Kimmel caught on to that really fast and in his latest installment of “Week In Unnecessary Censorship,” he left noone safe.

From President Obama’s presentation of award to his Vice President, to President-elect Trump’s news conference, and even “The Bachelor,” Kimmel showed just how hilarious, and real, censorship can be for the viewing community.

It is amazing how different of a connotation a simple interview or press conference can have when you strategically censor out certain words. A simple press event for an athlete can become the political or racial statement of the year.

Either way it’s pretty f*%$ing hilarious…

Featured image via The Rollover.


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