CONFIRMED! Tarzan Is Indeed Connected To Frozen And Tangled, But.. (VIDEO)

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Disney is successful in creating worlds of fantasies that fans just can’t get enough of. If you think Disney is just for kids, you should see all the fans who practically grew up watching Disney films and are still supporting newly released films.

Much to the delight of the fans, Disney is game and have been weaving fun and hidden details, cameos, inside jokes, hidden Mickeys, and all sorts of Easter eggs that you can think of. These naturally sparks the creativity of the fans.

We all know, Rapunzel in Tangled had a cameo on Frozen, but that’s not the only connection there is.

Source: M Magazine

Many fan theories are emerging and connecting the world of Disney characters. One notable theory was that Elsa and Anna’s parents from Frozen went to attend Rapunzel’s wedding, on their way there, their ship sank and became the shipwreck that Ariel from The Little Mermaid was investigating.

That’s not the end, it turned out, Anna and Elsa’s parents did not die on that shipwreck, they got swept into an island with their newborn baby boy.

Not convinced?

BUT! Wait. Could director Chris Buck only playing at the sparks of theories? Watch this:


What do you think?

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