Apparently Eight Feet Of Chicken Poop Can Cause A Massive Fire

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So, unknown to me, there is actually a limit to how high you should be piling your chicken poop when stocking up for the growing season. Six to seven feet is pretty safe but once you start reaching eight and nine, that poop becomes a fire waiting to happen.


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Sadly, a farming family in Arkansas have become the most recent victims of this fecal issue when their eight foot pile of chicken manure combusted in their barn sending flames into the air, igniting the nearby hay, and catching in the twenty five mile an hour winds. Their modular home fell victim to the accident and unfortunately burned to the ground, though luckily no one was injured in the blaze.

Photo via Yahoo.

Arkansas is one of the top producers of chicken products and their waste is used to fertilize crops. However, when the temperatures are low and growing season is at a pause, the farmers stock pile their chicken poop. Apparently many factors go into the combustion of these giant poop piles and Karl VanDevender, a professor and extension engineer for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture stated:

“With biological processes, we throw precision out the window. This hit the sweet spot. If you see smoke, it’s kind of iffy. If you break in, you may introduce oxygen and set it off. Have water nearby. If you have litter stored and stacked, keep an eye on it.”

What can we learn from this? Keep your chickens safe, your poop at a reasonable height, and make sure to have lots of water nearby.

Six Feet People, Six Feet.

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