Discarded Sex Doll Sends Panic Through The Town (PHOTOS)

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What started as a normal day in Ken,t shortly ended up with people panicked and scared when Tom Maybury, 21 and some others saw the “body” floating in the water.

As it turned out, it was not the body of a sexy looking woman, but a life-sized blow-up sex doll.

Photo: Twitter / @djdaziedaz


Photo: Twitter / @djdaziedaz

According to him:

“Some people out for a ramble saw her first and were about to dial 999 for the Murder Squad. She was floating face-up between a moored boat and the river bank and looked for all the world like a body. She was dead sexy looking, with a shapely figure and pouting lips. We reckon some lads out on the town had dumped her in the river for a spot of fun.”


Image via Pixabay.

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