R. Kelly Hilariously Linked To Trump — His Response Is PRICELESS (VIDEO)

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Because people are freaking ruthless and never forget ANYTHING embarrassing…ever, when President-elect Trump became the newest addition to the golden shower troupe, immediately jokes went flying linking R. Kelly to the Inauguration concert.

If you are confused by this you are either too young to remember or you lived under a rock during this controversy. Earlier this week Buzzfeed published an unsubstantiated article claiming Trump was involved in some NSFW events that included prostitutes, a presidential bed, and, well…urine. Connecting R. Kelly to this only came naturally since he has been linked to some serious sexual assault allegations in the past that included urinating on a young lady.

This is where the jokes came into play. Twitter blew up talking about R. Kelly confirming his attendance at the Inauguration.

Of course some people didn’t get the joke so R. Kelly had to make it perfectly clear that he was not, in any way, performing at the inauguration.

So it’s good Kelly cleared up the rumors but for pete’s sake did he have to make a giant yellow sign to let us all know? You might as well have put little umbrellas on the picture.

Sorry if you were looking forward to a little R. Kelly action this election season.

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