James Baldwin’s Groundbreaking Documentary To Be Released In February (VIDEO)

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Before author and social critic James Baldwin’s death in 1987, he had written one final manuscript–a cumulative biography accounting Baldwin’s life along with the deaths of Medgar Evers, Malcom X, and Martin Luther King, Jr. (all personal friends to James). The unfinished manuscript was tentatively entitled Remember This House.

Director Raoul Peck (who received the script from Baldwin’s estate) has transformed this speculative masterpiece into a documentary. In regards to the film Samuel L. Jackson commented:

“Everyone thinks the world changes or the world evolves, but there is a certain evolution on this planet that has not changed, especially in this culture,”

I Am Not Your Negro is set to be released on February 3 of this year. Hopefully the whole nation will be in line.

Featured image by Wikimedia Commons, available under Creative Commons 3.0 Generic license. 

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