Gigantic Alligator In Florida Makes Tourists Feel Prehistoric (VIDEO)

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A group of tourists in Lakeland, FL this past weekend got quite the treat: they attended their very own version of Jurassic Park! 

In the video featured below, there appears to be four onlookers gazing in awe at the over-sized gator in its natural element. These bold tourists went on to capture pictures of the ‘gatorsaur’ as the reptile flaunted his scales across the dirt path.

The alligator has since been nicknamed ‘Humpback’ by all of his fans. The attention doesn’t seem to bother Humpback, as he remains calm and poised during all the attention.

The gator is estimated to be around 12 ft long, which is over two ft less than the record holding largest alligator in Florida. The video was originally posted on Facebook by Kim Joiner and shared by the Lakeland Police Department, with the tagline:

“Who Says Dinosaurs Are Extinct?”


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For city folk like myself, this alligator may as well be a full-sized dinosaur. Humpback is practically prehistoric!

Featured image via Wikipedia.

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