Clothing Store Flaunts Dad Bod Chic Mannequin In Men’s Department

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Like most of the fashion world, mannequins have been invented to make us feel fat. For the ladies, they have improbably small waists, large busts, and inconceivably perky backsides. As for the men, they look like plastic statues of Tom Brady. Abs, abs, abs.

Stores all over the world use these body dysmorphic disorder inducing creatures to sell clothing to people of all sizes. However, one store has decided to challenge this fashion norm. A Reddit user by the name of wasak1 came across a mannequin, with an all-too-real beer belly, sporting men’s clothing. Amused by the accurate portrayal of many middle aged men, the user shared the photo with the lovely folks of the internet.

Image via Reddit

The dummy, dressed in a plaid shirt and black shorts, sports the tagline: ‘Finally making realistic mannequins in the men’s department?!’ While many users appreciate the humorous and oft realistic portrayal, other users have called it ‘disgusting.’ Some speculate that it is a maternity mannequin dressed in men’s clothing.

One user was offended, seeing the display as an insulting and gender biased joke.

“Now imagine if they used a similar fat mannequin for women.”

Another user claims that it is

“…definitely my father.”

It has not been made known what the true story is behind the man with the belly, but whatever the case may be, most of us can agree on one thing: our dads would probably wear that outfit.

Image via Meme Crunch

Featured Image via Max Pixel.

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