Underground Sales Of THIS Nastiness Turned These Teens Into Slime-Lords (VIDEO)

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It looks as if teens and preteens all over the world have found themselves diving into the dark world of underground black market sales. What are these young entrepreneurs selling?


Homemade slime has become one of the biggest hits among teens in school right now and tutorials and Instagram’s have flooded the internet. The slime is relatively easy to make and only takes two ingredients, glue and borax.

Lani Whitmer and Hanna Romine Marcx told Buzzfeed that the struggle is real when it comes to competition. Whitmer stated:

“There’s a lot of other people who sell slime and it’s really annoying because then you don’t get as many customers as you want.”

Marcx second that statement but added that she was definitely on top of the game. Marcx stated:

“You want to have the best slime and the best prices. I sold my slime cheap compared to other people, my slime was half their price.”


-lavender floam?? ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• ok so this is a mixture of three slimes. 2 tutorial slimes and a really good floam but with to many balls. but this is it now and it kinda stuck but really fluffy so it has that nice noise. it is also really soft on the hands.

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The two girls have since put their businesses on hold in order to focus on their school work. However, across the country kids are going crazy over the stretchy, fluffy, goo created in their at home kitchen laboratories. And it doesn’t seem to have an age limit.

Sixteen year old Phoebe Koyabe from Arizona sells her slime for $12 including shipping. She has a addiction the sensations. Koyabe states:

“I tend to obsess over the senses. I like squishing things and touching soft things.”

It looks like everyone is getting in on the slime business, and it doesn’t seem to be too bad of an idea.

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