Man Did Something VERY STRANGE With This Python (VIDEO)

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A To Z Pets in Portland, Oregon suffered a rather unusual theft during the first week of the new year. According to store owner Richard Bjugan, a man and a blue-haired woman walked into his store on Friday, January 6th.

The couple kept to themselves for a few minutes, then security cameras caught the man taking a $200 black pastel ball python from its tank at around 2 p.m. What the thief did next was truly bizarre.

As he approached the store’s doors, the man shoved the 2-foot long snake down his pants.

The following Wednesday, Bjugan claims that a different man returned the snake. The python is said to be in good health. Police are still searching for the suspect in the security camera footage.

Christin Bjugan, the co-owner of the store, told local media that she had seen the thief in the store before. She also said that the man was very lucky. If he had taken the snake on Monday, he would’ve had a very hungry python in his pants, for Monday is the store’s feeding day.

Featured image via YouTube.

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