Could LSD Relieve Depression Symptoms?

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Ayelet Waldman has struggled with depression and mood disorder during her entire life. She is a best-selling author, a wife, and a mother; however, her mental illness threatened that.

She would be kind and funny on good days; however, on bad days, she would snap at everyone. She had trouble getting a diagnosis and getting relief from her symptoms.

She managed to get her hands on a bottle of diluted LSD. She took a fraction of a regular dose every three days. It helped the bad thoughts go away for a while.

As someone who suffers from a mental illness, I stay stable with legal, prescription medicine. However, I couldn’t even imagine what things would be like if my meds didn’t work. Waldman was pretty brave to try LSD.

Some doctors will tell you that hallucinogenic drugs may make mental illness symptoms worse. It can cause intense delusions and hallucinations.

However, some universities are looking into this connection. Some trials suggest that psychedelics actually can help alleviate depression and anxiety symptoms.

Prof David Nutt, who is leading studies on this, says:

“We’ve banned research on psychedelic drugs and other drugs like cannabis for 50 years. Truly, in terms of the amount of wasted opportunity, it’s way greater than the banning of the telescope. This is a truly appalling level of censorship.”

LSD and other psychedelic drugs have a lot of promise it treating mental disorders and addiction. There were studies done in the 1960s, but they stopped when the drug was made illegal. Now, the government classifies them in the same category as heroin and other dangerous drugs, so it is hard to get funding for research with them.

I would love to see a cure for mental illnesses in my lifetime.

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