Teenage Girl Outwits A Criminal… With Chicken Nuggets

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A 13-year-old girl was eating her chicken nuggets at McDonald’s in Harlem, New York City.

A 12-year-old classmate had asked her for one, and she said no. He followed her to the subway station, pulled out a gun, and told her to give him one. She still said no.

She refused to give a boy with a gun her piece of breaded chicken paste, and she managed to knock the gun away from him. The boy was arrested and charged with attempted robbery.

As Telegraph reported:

“NYPD say the boy first approached the girl inside a McDonald’s in Harlem on Tuesday and asked her for one of her Chicken McNuggets. When the girl refused, police say the boy followed her as she walked to a nearby subway station and pointed a gun at her head, demanding that she give him a nugget.”

That girl should do commercials for McDonald’s.

Featured image via Twitter.

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