Hooters Has A Secret Code That Could Possibly Save A Life – Or At Least An Evening (VIDEO)

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There are few things worse than an awkward date.

The long silences, the trite questions, the body language indicating that you would rather be somewhere else with someone else. Nowadays, in the world of online dating, people are going on more dates and are having to suffer through more painfully awkward ones. This is where Hooters comes to the rescue.

Most know the Atlanta-based restaurant chain for its dress code. Specifically, Hooters is the place to go if you want to see buxom waitresses in tight white tank tops and orange hot pants.

Hooters has often been put in the cross-hairs by feminists over their belief that the restaurant objectifies the female form. However, according to a viral image, bartenders at Hooters have a secret code that is designed to save women from obnoxious dates.

A picture of a sign taken from a Hooters restaurant in South Africa has made the rounds on the internet. Posted in the ladies’ bathroom, the sign provides a few signals for women to employ if their Tinder or Plenty of Fish date is making them feel “weird” or “unsafe.”

Photo via Viral Bru.

All a woman has to do is order an Angel Shot and the bartender will immediately know what’s up. If the female patron asks for the shot neat, then the bartender will escort her to her vehicle. If the request asks for an Angel Shot with ice, then the bartender will call an Uber or Lyft ride. Finally, if the lady at the bar wants an Angel Shot with lime, then the bartender will immediately call the police.

Hooters promises that these requests are handled discreetly and will not cause a “fuss.” Other companies have taken similar actions, including a pub in London that helps people trapped in bad Tinder dates to quietly sneak away in a taxi.

Cynics could make the case that such escapes are cowardly. That being said, sometimes dates go so south so quickly that any form of upfront escalation could turn dangerous. Thousands, maybe even millions of women are grateful for this option.

Featured image via Review Journal.

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