China Is On The Brink Of Having Life-Like Robotic Labor

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China has revealed its own bionic woman, Jia Jia. The engineer who created her Chen Xiaoping and colleagues at the University of Science and Technology of China, billed her as the country’s first robot.

Chen predicts that robots will take over a lot of the jobs that humans are doing now. It can answer simple questions, and it has facial expressions similar to that of a human.

Jia Jia is the third-generation of robots developed by this engineering team.

About the technology behind this, Daily Mail reported:

“It took the team three years to complete the robot, which can speak, show micro-expressions, move its lips and body, yet seems to hold its head in a submissive manner.”

“The humanoid is programmed to recognize human/machine interaction, has autonomous position and navigation and offers services based on cloud technology.”

“This humanoid has natural eye movement, speech that is in sync with its lip movement and refers to its male creators as ‘lords’. “

Check out this video of a conversation with her.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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