Victim Count Now At 81 For Siberian Ex-Cop Serial Killer The ‘Werewolf’ (VIDEO)

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Mikhail Popkov of Siberia is already serving a life sentence for the rape and murder of 22 women. Shockingly, he has just confessed to a further 59 murders.

Popkov began his killing spree when he was a policeman. He is called the ‘werewolf’ because of the way he tortured his victims, so far all female. He did it with knives, screwdrivers, and axes both before and after raping them. When he was a policeman he would offer women lifts and then take them to remote areas where he would rape, torture, and kill them.

Another scary part of this story is that the victim count may still be rising. The Siberian Times reports that Popkov may not yet be finished confessing yet. The Siberian Times said:

“One theory is that he is deliberately rationing his confessions to delay the moment when he is sent from his current detention prison to a harsh penal colony to serve his life sentence.”

The story becomes even stranger when studying what may have motivated him to become a psychotic killer. There is a theory that he found used condoms in a garbage bin at his home. It appears that he may have mistakenly jumped to the conclusion his wife was cheating on him. This theory is strengthened again by the Siberian Times quoting Popkov speaking about his then wife, Elena:

“I just had some reasons to suspect her, I’m not looking for excuses, but this was the impetus for my future.”

Popkov’s wife and daughter stood by him at first, as they could not accept that their husband and father could be capable of such horrific acts. His daughter, Ekaterina, has said she always considered herself a ‘daddy’s girl’.

As for getting caught, Popkov eluded arrest for many years because he was a policeman. He also admits that he did not have any foresight when it came to DNA technology:

“I could not anticipate the examination of DNA I was born in another century. Now there are such modern technologies, methods, but not earlier. If we have not got to that level of genetic examination, then … I would not be sitting in front of you.”

Watch this clip covering serial killers who were also policemen, including Popkov:

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