The Three Legged Girl Mystery That Took People Years To Solve

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It’s not unusual to see something that messes with one’s mind. Often times, these get a lot of shares in social media, making you more confused when you run into the said post more than once a day.

But, like any other viral, confusing photos, the excitement dies after a few days, or after the mystery has been solved.

This photo, however, had people scratching their¬†head for a long time, and someone even said that it has been two years but he still hasn’t solved the mystery.

This is the said photo:

What do you think is happening here? Let’s take a look at what people think.

One comment said:

“After several very confusing minutes I still don’t know what is happening here,”

This next one gave out the obvious:

“I thought he has three legs, [sic]”

And finally, the best comment ever:

“I finally get. After two years I literally JUST got it,”

How about you? Did you get it?

Take a look at the photo again take a look at the ‘leg’ on the left side of the photo. It’s actually a vase that she was holding. The color and the lighting made it look like one of her legs with stockings.

Welcome! That revelation did not take you years to figure it out, did it?


Image via: Pixabay

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