Jimmy John’s Staff Busted ON CAMERA Using Dough As Jumprope

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Employees at a Jimmy John’s in Florida posted videos of themselves jumping rope with the dough on Snapchat. They have since been fired, and the restaurant got an extra inspection from the local health department.

The manager talked to News4Jax and they said:

“Our investigation confirmed the dough used in the video video was immediately discarded after the incident, however we do not condone this behavior from our employees and appropriate action has been taken to prevent this from ever happening again.”

How stupid can you be? Yes, we all goof off at work sometimes, but don’t put it online!

Luckily, the dough was not used in any sandwiches, but that is still very unsanitary. Let’s hope those people have learned their lesson after losing their jobs.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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