Jeremy Meeks Completely Changed His Life And You Won’t Believe How Amazing He Looks

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This guys mugshot landed him various modeling opportunities. His mugshot went viral on the internet in 2016, thanks to women everywhere sharing the photo.

People seemed infatuated by his looks sharing the mugshot along with comments over his sparkling eyes and chiseled features. The photo was spread so much that modeling agencies took notice and were contacting him while he was still serving time.

After a 27-week sentence, he took advantage of a new career in modeling, even though he was only able to go to “the end of his driveway,” as he states in one photo post that he was in while on house arrest. He is working under White Cross Management and Jim Jordan Photography, according to his Bio on his personal Instagram.

By the looks of it, his new career is paying off quite nicely, and he repeatedly writes of his gratitude.

The mugshot model, Jeremy Meeks, has been posting his success on his Instagram page. He has been sharing pictures of his wife and three children, a fancy new car and new home. He is really living the life of a celebrity, alright.

No doubt, his looks have really turned his life around, from a life of crime to a new luxurious path. According to Yahoo News, His past charges are related to weapons and gang activity, but hopefully Meeks steers clear of anymore jail time with the support of family and fans by his side.

#chillin #poolside

A photo posted by JEREMY MEEKS (@jmeeksofficial) on

A photo posted by JEREMY MEEKS (@jmeeksofficial) on

Now that Meeks is sharing his new life via Instagram, women and men are still commenting and sharing his photos- some in disbelief that things have gone this far. Many comments on his latest posts include people congratulating him on his transition and sending best wishes and blessings to his future, as well as his family. Jeremy Meeks definitely had a turn around year, after his release last March, full of unbelievable success.

Many of his fans have commented that he is getting a second chance to do things the right way . Perhaps we will see more of him in 2017. I guess this news leads one to believe that anything is possible. So make sure you have your blue steel state ready for the camera, next time your up for a new mugshot.

Featured image via Yahoo.

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