A Third of Brits Plan On Staying Home On Friday The 13th (VIDEO)

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According to a survey reported by the hospitality company, Travelodge, a full one-third of all British citizens say that they will alter their daily routine because of Friday the 13th, the traditional day and number of bad luck.

After surveying 2,500 British adults, 74 percent admitted to the fact that they prefer to stay home and avoid doing anything outside on Friday the 13th.

50 percent of those polled also believe in the existence of “lucky numbers” and claim that they use these special digits in order to court good fortune.

Another 40 percent also admitted that on Friday the 13th they will put off making large or importance purchases, going to the dentist, or using mirrors or ladders.

Although there are many theories out there, ranging from the presence of thirteen people at the Last Supper to the notion that the Knights Templar were imprisoned and persecuted by the French king Philip IV starting on Friday 13, 1307, it is an indisputable fact that paraskevidekatriaphobia, or the irrational fear of Friday the 13th, is real.

Triskaidekaphobia, or the fear of the number thirteen, is equally true. As evidence, many hotels refuse to acknowledge a 13th floor, instead renumbering it as the 12th or 14th floor. Apparently, both of these phobias are alive and well in Great Britain.

What do you plan to do this Friday the 13th? Are you going to settle in with Jason Voorhees or, like a large percentage of British adults, are you going to avoid doing anything at all?


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