Woman Forced To Carry Around Her Intestines In A Plastic Bag For 20 Years (VIDEO)

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A botched surgery, or any type of operation, can leave long-term effects on a person’s body. Many people are left with a disfigurement that can last them the rest of their lives. In some cases, individuals can recuperate after being subjected to botched surgeries, but they are never back to being 100 percent.

A popular surgery among women is the tubal ligation which is a permanent form of birth control. When a woman has a tubal ligation, her Fallopian tubes are either clamped and blocked or severed and sealed, as part of the sterilization. This should be a straight-forward surgery, but a botched tubal ligation left a woman with her intestines hanging out of her body, forcing her to keep them in plastic bags for the last 20 years.

So, what went wrong?

The woman, whose name is Hubei Wuxue, went through a tubal ligation surgery back in 1971 so that she could have the peace of mind of birth control. However, a mishap took place during the operation which caused abdominal adhesion.

Adhesions develop when there’s inflammation on the surface of abdominal organs or the peritoneal lining of the abdominal cavity. The scar tissue forms between the intestines and abdominal wall. A wound from a prior operation may have caused Hubeis’s intestines to stick out of her body.

There are treatments for abdominal adhesions.

Individuals who are affected by this condition have the option to have laparoscopic or open surgery. Doctors will either cut by scalpel or use electrical current (lysis) to remove the adhesion’s. Unfortunately, Hubei could not afford to pay for proper medical treatment, and because of this, she has her intestines in a plastic bag.

Despite her predicament, Hubei has remained in good spirits. Her family claims that “she appears to have no qualms about prodding away at her internal organs.”

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